Using diagrams better

Diagrams are part of the bread and butter of science teaching, but getting the most out of them can be tricky. Often, we don’t even think about their key elements and how we should go about planning their construction.

If you don’t yet know him, Ben Rogers is a brilliant blogger who has been a massive influence on many of us at CogSciSci. We highly recommend subscribing to his blog and he also has an excellent book on teaching physics published by Routledge – the kind of book that every department should have a copy of.

Ben recently wrote a series of blogs on using visuals in science education and they are an outstanding example of how to communicate complex research findings in an efficient, effective and elegant way.

One of our favourites was this gorgeous velocity-time graph of a bouncing ball below. There’s so much to think about here in terms of the way we use diagrams and how we could use something like this in class.

cartoon motion graph

Do make sure to give them a read:

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