Assessment for Learning in Science

What does AfL in science look like? What are its defining characteristics? How is it different to AfL in any other subject? What difference does that make for improving and observing teaching in science?

Almost two years ago, when CogSciSci was still embryonic, a number of our members ran an online symposium on Assessment for Learning in science. The aim of the symposium was to strip away the generic games and gimmicks that had become ubiquitous when discussing assessing student understanding and to get right down into the no-nonsense guts of what makes good AfL in science specifically.

Now that CogSciSci has launched, we’ve got a much greater reach than we ever used to. We have almost 400 followers on the blog and four times that number subscribed to the email list. Two years is practically a lifetime in blogging time-scales, but we think it’s really important that content published historically gets out there to those who have only recently started engaging. You can read the start of the symposium here, and there are a further five articles linked within. The symposium was rounded off by a fascinating article and review by Dylan Wiliam himself, so it goes without saying that reading through the lot is worth your time.

If there are any articles that you published way back in the mists of time or ones by others that you think we should revisit please do let us know; we’d love to help get great content out there, regardless of when it was published.


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