Guest post: Completing a #CogSciSci module (and lesson planning)

Abby Camilleri (@CamilleriMiss) is a Physics teacher at St Anne’s Academy in Middleton. She’s recently completed the (totally free!) CogSciSci Introduction to Cognitive Science module. Having submitted her end of module task (“Describe how you have used the characteristics of Long Term Memory and Working Memory to plan a lesson”) we asked Abby if she’d be willing to share an annotated example lesson plan that puts what she’s learned into practise (see below).

In addition to the Introduction module we currently have modules on Retrieval Practice, how to write SLOP and assessment. Further details here.

I am a newly qualified teacher of Physics. I have always been eager to develop myself professionally, particularly as being the least experienced member of an amazing science team. I came across this course via Twitter. The CogSciSci website is something I’ve used multiple times for resources but never before used for CPD. I chose to complete the ‘Introduction to Cognitive Science’ course as I am often very sceptical (possibly the scientist in me) of educational ideas which are not backed up with research, The basis of the CogSciSci website being the science of learning in particular drew me to this. The main things I learned from this course where:

  1. The key features of Working and Long Term Memory, made clearly transferable to lesson planning
  2. Storage of information is made easier by relating new information to existing knowledge
  3. What a schema is and how I can use this to help students to learn by making connections between pieces of information

My example lesson plan (with annotations) is here.

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