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Curriculum Soapbox: Writing Good Biology SLOP

Pritesh Raichura discusses how he writes Shed Loads Of Practice (SLOP) for Biology.

Pritesh has a blog with lots of examples that can be found here.

  • 00:00 Welcome and overview
  • 00:57 Don’t pupils need a variety of activities?
  • 03:25 The best activities will help pupils to…
  • 05:50 Purpose informs question writing
  • 07:45 Guide pupils to make feedback easier
  • 09:30 Sequence is important
  • 11:21 Give them something to think about first
  • 13:03 Avoid unnecessary questions
  • 14:45 Improving sentence level construction
  • 17:25 Sequencing
  • 20:57 Sentence-level construction
  • 23:35 Conclusion

2 thoughts on “Curriculum Soapbox: Writing Good Biology SLOP

  1. Hi,

    Nice ideas but I wonder if the formatting is out? I’ve used Firefox and even Edge and neither give a decent idea of what I presume is table format. It would be nice to follow the argument but it isn’t easy ATM.



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