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Curriculum Chats: Structure and Bonding

Niki Kaiser, Elizabeth Mountstevens, Michael Adenekan and Adam Robbins get together to discuss their approaches to the topic of structure and bonding.

  • 00:00 Welcome and introductions
  • 01:25 What do students find most difficult about structure and bonding?
  • 08:55 What do you do to address student misconceptions about structure and bonding?
  • 17:09 What misconceptions do teachers hold in this topic?
  • 20:37 How do you build the topic in KS3 and how do you teach it in KS4?
  • 41:15 What models do you find are the most useful to teach this topic?
  • 48:40 What other resources do you use to teach this topic?
  • 53:30 How do you achieve a balance between teacher autonomy and teacher consistency?

Niki has some useful links to accompany the discussion:

Elizabeth has some suggested links on misconceptions:

and also some on curriculum:

You might also have noticed Adam sipping water from a rather fetching water bottle. He accidentally set up an edutwitter merch shop and you can buy that very same bottle (or t-shirt, bag, dog bandanna) here.


3 thoughts on “Curriculum Chats: Structure and Bonding

  1. Hi Cogscisci/Niki
    This is Samia. I love the work you guys are doing and the ‘chats’ are brilliant. I’d love to join you guys and share resources. Is this possible?.


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