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Curriculum Soapbox: Electrolysis

Helen Skelton discusses the topic of electrolysis and demonstrates her approach to teaching it.

  • 00:00 Welcome and introductions
  • 01:20 Why electrolysis?
  • 03:37 Firm foundations – prior knowledge
  • 08:30 Sequencing
  • 18:03 Ways of seeing – Johnstone’s triangle
  • 23:05 Instruction and SLOP
  • 25:40 Copper chloride electrolysis example
  • 35:57 Practical work
  • 43:28 Summary

You might find the following links useful:

Fabio di Salvo’s blog on his approach to sequencing a whole curriculum

Pritesh Raichura’s Seneca Virtual Science Conference talk (from 2hr 19 mins).

Johnstone’s Triangle: Niki Kaiser’s researchEd Norwich talk

Practical work: Helen’s question sheet to use with the electrolysis required practical, and Adam Boxer’s Slow Practical blog

Also, Gethyn’s chapter ‘Electrolysing Engelmann’ in the ResearchED Explicit and Direct Instruction book is well worth reading and thinking about – unfortunately I didn’t read this until after I’d recorded the talk! I might well need to tweak my approach to electrolysis once again.


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