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CogSciSci Tamworth2022

It’s here! The next CogSciSci conference is just around the corner! Join us in Tamworth on Tuesday 31st May to discuss all things cognitive science and science education. This year’s theme is on curriculum. Talks will discuss a wide range of issues around the intent, implementation and impact of the science curriculum in a range of contexts. The list of speakers is still being put together so check back to this page or follow us on twitter to discover the latest developments.

CogSciSci prides itself on being truly grassroots. Run entirely by volunteers who are active science teachers or academics we want to ensure price is not a barrier. This whole day of CogSciSci talk is yours for a tiny price of £9 + Booking fee! We also want to continue our trend of nurturing and supporting new speakers and bloggers, so if you are thinking you would like to talk at the event please fill in this form. We will then get in touch and discuss. We all got started because we shared a common passion for finding out what works best in the science classroom, so if you share our passion please get in touch. We can’t pay for your time but we will refund your ticket price!   



3 thoughts on “CogSciSci Tamworth2022

  1. Fantastic! Super keen to come to this, anyone else coming up from London and happy to give a car free teacher a ride?


  2. Looking for a physical ticket. I’ve brought an online one but I’d really like to attend in person. If someone has a ticket they no longer require I would gladly pay a fair price.
    Kindest regards Rebecca


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