CogSciSci at researchED National Conference 7th September 2019

Last weekend the Harris Academy, Cobham was overrun with teachers and researchers eager to learn from each other. Some members of CogSciSci have given a quick rundown of some of the most relevant talks they went to below, in case you couldn’t make it. Deep Ghataura – Fundamental measurement. The premise of this talk was on howContinue reading “CogSciSci at researchED National Conference 7th September 2019”

New page! The CogSciSci “go-bag”

Have you ever wondered how to respond when you’re asked to do more marking, or to play games in class or why we need to bother with all this retrieval practice malarkey? We’ve put together a brand new page here that answers these questions and many more. It’s a treasure trove containing blogs, articles andContinue reading “New page! The CogSciSci “go-bag””

Overhauling the Science Curriculum: How a move towards Mastery is changing everything.

After following some inspirational educators on Twitter, getting involved with #CogSciSci and reading about evidence-informed practice, I had been keen for a long time to move away from the flashy lessons designed to engage students so that it looked like they were learning something, and take steps to develop my ability at explanation, to produce and use more quizzes andContinue reading “Overhauling the Science Curriculum: How a move towards Mastery is changing everything.”

Some useful resources for Science teachers

We know how important it is to keep our subject knowledge up to date, and how the right resources can be a workload lifesaver. However, knowing where to look can sometimes be a challenge. Thankfully Jasper Green (@sci_challenge) has put together a helpful list of useful websites. Well worth looking at these! Team #CogSciSci

Tackling Misconceptions Through Conceptual Change – Part I

Originally posted on 3-Star learning experiences:
Mirjam Neelen & Paul A. Kirschner A while back, we discussed why some things are easy to learn and some are difficult by looking at learning through an evolutionary lens (see blog here), based on David Geary’s work. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the same questions…

Is cognitive science destined to mutate?

Originally posted on A Common Biologist:
Education is fickle. In a desperate attempt to improve outcomes, and with the added pressures of crippling accountability and soaring workload, schools are quick to latch on to the latest edu-fad and take aim with its supposed magic bullet. More often than not, this results in yet more work…

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