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CogSciSci was created to bring the ideas of cognitive science into science education. Over time it has grown from a small email group to a blog, through conferences to what is now a multi-platform network of thousands of science teachers and researchers across the globe. 

Over time the group’s topics of conversation have diversified and now there are a lot of questions from Heads of Science looking to find advice around all aspects of running a science department. 

Enter HoDSciSci

To support our members we are excited to announce the launch of HodSciSci, an area devoted to supporting Heads of Science with discussion and advice on the problems and decisions that are central to their role every day. 

Each month we will share the thoughts from a number of experienced Heads of Department about a particular issue raised by a member.

What should we discuss first? 

We are very keen for this to be a community-led venture. While we have a number of Heads of Science on the CogSciSci board, we also really want to hear from the large array of talented and experienced HoDs out there so we can engage with and benefit from the experiences of as many science departments as possible. On the link below is a form that allows you to suggest topics or questions and also to join the writing team. The plan is to have a wide range of voices contributing, with publishing on a monthly basis, so that the workload is divided and manageable.

What will a HoDSciSci post be like?

The idea is to have two types of posts. The first will be a discussion post. These will take a topic or question, for example in-year assessment, and ask a variety of HoDs to write a brief overview of what they do and why. The idea is to provide a range of strategies to stimulate thoughts and discussions. The second will be an opinion article showcasing one HoD’s view on a topic. These will provide a starting point for people to join in the discussion on Twitter or in the comments. 

What about Twitter?

There is a new Twitter account @HoDSciSci that you can follow and tweet to share questions and ideas. So give it a follow!

We hope HoDSciSci will be able to support the development of science leadership across the UK and beyond.

The CogSciSci team. 


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