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CPD Modules

It is our aim to extend CogSciSci’s CPD offering beyond the email group, regular blogs and yearly conference. To that end we have designed a number of e-learning modules that you can complete. They are not small undertakings, and will require you to spend more time than you might normally spend on ad-hoc professional learning.

CogSciSci is an academic community, and we have tried to maintain a balance so that the reading lists draw from both formal academic sources, but also from more craft-based sources such as evidence-informed blogs. There is always more to learn, and the modules are not intended to be exhaustive, but they should serve as strong introductions.

Throughout the modules there are tasks for you to complete. These are opportunities to reflect on the content and to consolidate your understanding.

At the end of each module there are a number of suggested tasks to sum-up your learning. If you complete one of these tasks and share it with us, you will become the proud owner of a much-coveted CogSciSci certificate of recognition. Though we are not a formal awarding body or professional regulator, we hope that these certificates serve as a light-hearted testimony to your professional growth and knowledge.


Introduction to cognitive science

Retrieval Practice

How to write SLOP

Introduction to assessment

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