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Past threads

The CogSciSci email group has been active since 2017. The group is a supportive forum for teachers (from trainees to school leaders) to discuss, ask questions, and share ideas, resources and expertise, with a particular focus on applying the principles of cognitive science to science teaching.  Membership is constantly growing and currently stands at over 1000.

There have been close on 400 email threads so far, covering a huge range of topics. Some common themes are:

  • Sharing resources and collective development of resources.
  • Pedagogy and application of CogSci principles.
  • Questions about teaching specific topics.
  • Advice and support for those leading departments.
  • Discussion and sharing of articles or books about specific areas of research.

We are working on indexing the threads with key themes so that you can search past threads and locate those which might be useful to you. We will alert you once this is up and running.

You can sign up by filling out this form. Feel free to sit quietly, read and learn, or to jump straight in with your questions and ideas. Feel free to introduce yourself and if you have a twitter handle or blog do let everyone know.

Here we showcase a few threads which have been particularly useful to give you a flavour of what the group is about. We hope this will whet your appetite and demonstrate the range of topics discussed.

Examples of previous CogSciSci email threads:

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