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The online community has generously provided an enormous amount of resources for teachers to use. Below is a curated list of resources that are in line with principles of cognitive science. In general, you will see features like:

  • Extensive practice
  • Worked examples
  • Guided practice
  • Model answers
  • Detailed explanations
  • Goal free activities


If you have a resource that you would like added to this site, please do get in touch at In order to maintain quality, we are quite rigorous in our curation and selection process, but please see this as an opportunity: we will give you feedback and try to work with you in optimising and improving resources. It is our goal to increase the amount of high quality free content available to teachers, so resource will be rejected without clear guidance on how it could be improved to the point at which we could share it.

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KS3 Science

Adam’s KS3 Science mastery booklets are available here

KS4 Physics

Ruth’s SLOP booklets are here(old version) and the updated ones are here

Dr Edmunds‘ blog contains SLOP for teaching paper 1 and paper 2

Tom’s excellent forces SLOP is here.

Tom’s SPACE separate science SLOP is here

Matthew Benyohai has shared his physics lessons here

Adam Higgins’ side by side examples are here

Lewis Matheson has an online physics learning platform here

KS4 Chemistry

Adam’s SLOP booklets are here.

Boxer’s shorts is a youtube channel with Adam’s explanations for GCSE

Matthew Benyohai has shared his chemistry lessons here

Joseph Allen’s faded example worksheets for moles and ionic bond formation here

Davids integrate instructions for practical here

Jasmines Chemistry booklets here

KS4 Biology

Adam R’s biology booklets (AQA) are here and the updated ones are here.

Ryan and Rachel’s blog and booklets are here.

Sebastian’s Biology integrated instructions are here

Gemma has adapted booklets for OCR here

Viviennes resources for GCSE here

KS5 Biology

Nicole has booklets for Edexcel Biology here

Rach has a brilliant youtube channel here

Lauren has some great ALevel resources here

Viviennes resources for OCR here

KS5 Chemistry

Michael Adenekan’s Edexcel A-level year 1 Chemistry required practical SLOP booklet and year 2

Michael Adenekan’s Edexcel A level Atomic stucture/Moles/Energetics/Equilibria SLOP is here

Ross Wertjes has a fantastic Quizziz bank of all the MCQs here

Adam’s Knowledge organisers for A level are here

Richard’s Alevel extension work is here

KS5 Physics

Matthew Benyohai has shared all his resources here

Lewis Matheson has an online physics learning platform for A level here

Maths in science

Dr Edmunds‘ blog contains examples of ‘ramped’ SLOP and how to teach rearranging equations

Retrieval practice

Retrieval roulettes for most subjects here

Rachel’s self quizzing sheets for biology can be found here

Student reading list

Though not strictly a classroom resource, Jilian’s reading list of recommended books and science Twitter accounts can be downloaded here:

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