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There are now over 1000 science teachers in our email group which you can sign up to here. Below you will find information about a number of particularly active CogSciSci members. Please feel free to get in touch with people who are in your area, we are a friendly bunch and whilst busy, are nearly always willing to help.

Adam Boxer London A Chemical Orthodoxy Head of science working in North London. Obsessed with all things CogSciSci.
Adam Robbins South Reflections in Science Head of science in a large coastal comprehensive, interested in cogsci to help disadvantaged students
Andrew Carroll London PGCE tutor, former science teacher interested in cognitive benefits of narrative amongst other things.
Austin Booth Nottingham Elephants Toothpaste Science and maths teacher particularly interested in assessment and EdTech
Becky Flint Devon Head of Science in Devon, interested in research informed practice, CLT and DI in particular.
Bill Wilkinson West Dr Wilkinson Science Former academic scientist; trying to bring some academic rigour to science teaching.
Bob Pritchard North West Occasional Witterings Physics Lead Practitioner, born again evidence-informed teaching enthusiast.
Damian Benney Swansea Click to view blog Deputy head and Science teacher- looking for the mythical optimal spacing gap.
Deep Ghataura London Click to view blog Physics and maths teacher. I like reading about educational assessment and measurement.
Dom Shibli East Science teacher trainer at University of Hertfordshire. Interested in Cognitive Science and how pupils construct meaning in the classroom.
Gethyn Jones London e = mc2 and all that Physics teacher and Council Member of the Chartered College of Teaching.
Helen Skelton St Albans Elements of Learning Head of Science and Chemistry and Physics specialist with particular interest in curriculum design and developing evidence-informed resources and pedagogy.
Ian Taylor Halifax Mr Taylors Blog Lead teacher. Instructional design and pedagogy. Evidence into practice. Blogger. Reader. Thinker.
Niki Kaiser Norwich Click to view blog Chemistry teacher and SLE in a secondary school, Network Research Lead for EEF Research School, RSC Schools Award winner (2019) for incorporation and dissemination of research-informed teaching approaches.
Pritesh Raichura London Bunsen Blue Head of Science at Michaela Community School.
Rachel Wong Bath Click to view YouTube channel Science teacher, creator of YouTube A-level Biology videos and Biology SLOP.
Ruth Walker Telford Curriculum and Cognitive Science Assistant Head for curriculum
Thomas Millichamp Midlands Click to view blog Physics teacher, currently working as a Teaching Fellow for the Astrophysics department at the University of Warwick. My particular interest is in writing SLOP for Physics.
Jo Castelino West Yorkshire Click to view blog Science teacher interested in applying cognitive science to teaching, particularly in crafting explanations.
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